1. A member shall be deemed in good standing or an active member when:

• He has paid his dues and assessments for the current and previous years;

• He has attended the business meeting unless excused by the Board of Governors for justifiable reasons submitted in a written explanation;

• He has earned at least 50 points in the preceding year as provided for in Section; and

• He has complied with other obligations that may be imposed by the society through its duly constituted officers or through the Board of Governors

2. An active member shall enjoy the following rights and obligations:

• Shall participate in the activities and functions of the society.

• Diplomates and fellows have voice and vote in the deliberations of the society.

• Diplomates and fellows may be appointed to committees and have other prerogatives of a member of the society.

• Only fellows are eligible for office except that two (2) out of eleven (11) members of the Board of Governors other than the Executive Officers may be diplomates.

• Diplomates and fellows are qualified to head a clinical laboratory, blood bank or sections thereof pursuant to Rep. Act. No. 4688, its implementing rules and regulations, DOH circulars or administrative orders, and such other government issuances implementing the Clinical Laboratory Law.

• Corresponding and junior members may be allowed to attend society functions as appropriate and participate actively in scientific sessions; they may have voice but not vote in the deliberation of the society. They cannot be head of any clinical laboratory or sections thereof pursuant to existing laws (Rep Act No 4688).

• Emeritus and honorary fellows shall have voice but not vote in all deliberations of the society.

• Active members may wear the official pin.

• Fellows or diplomates may affix the letters “FPSP” or “DPSP” as the case may be (Fellow of the Philippine Society of Pathologists or Diplomate of the Philippine Society of Pathologists, respectively) after their names to indicate their membership status in the Society.

• When a member fails to attend the business meeting of the past year unless excused for justifiable reasons or if a member fails to earn 50 points in the past year, he shall be declared by the Board of Governors to be in inactive status. He shall have until March 15 either to file a letter of excuse or to comply with the required points.

• The rights and privileges shall be restored upon reinstatement to active status as prescribed in this administrative manual.


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