I DO SOLEMNLY SWEAR to adhere to the “Principles of Medical Ethics” of the Philippine Medical Association and to the Code of Ethics of the Philippine Society of Pathologists. Towards this end, I shall devote my services to the greatest benefit of the sick and injured and to ensure the fullest measure of cooperation with my colleagues. I further commit myself to adhere to the following canons of professional ethics:

I SHALL NOT SOLICIT, directly or indirectly, or any manner whatsoever, or knowingly permit others to solicit in my behalf, nor shall I accept, a position which is occupied or about to vacated without first consulting with the incumbent or outgoing pathologist;

I SHALL NOT ISSUE a report on preparations or material from another pathologist, or another laboratory or from other institutions which another pathologist serves, without first making every reasonable effort to inform that first pathologist of the request for second examination or opinion and before I decide to issue a result of a second opinion;

I SHALL NOT DIVIDE, either directly or by means of any subterfuge, fees for laboratory services with referring physicians;

I SHALL NOT COMPETE, for laboratory services on the basis of fees;

I SHALL NOT ISSUE reports to patients except when requested to do so by the patient’s attending physician;

I SHALL NOT PARTICIPATE, directly or by means of any subterfuge, in an arrangement or scheme whereby an individual not duly licensed to practice medicine and not certified nor a member of the So

ciety, is allowed to operate a laboratory, clinical or otherwise;

I SHALL NOT ACCEPT a position in any hospital, institution or other medical organization which does not protect the welfare and interest of the pathologist;

I SHALL NOT ALLOW myself to be a willing tool for political purposes nor for the personal interest of others to the prejudice of another pathologist or colleagues in the allied profession;

I SHALL NEVER SPEAK ill of the society or any of my colleagues, nor shall I bring forth any issue before any other forum, administrative or judicial, without first having exhausted all avenues of negotiation or settlement within the society;

I SHALL ALWAYS SHOW RESPECT to the officers of the society as well as to its elders and to the principles that they represent. Towards this end, I shall always exert effort to support the programs and activities of the society and, that further, I shall exert every effort to contribute to the success of its endeavor.


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